Volker Popp has more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry holding various leadership positions in Compliance, Finance and Internal Audit. He was Compliance Officer and Anti-Money Laundering Officer for Daimler Mexico for five years before joining AlixPartners, where he combines in-house experience with consulting expertise in internal investigations, risk management and compliance in our Risk practice.

Volker has a track record of being a persistent leader, who resolves hindrances in challenging regulatory situations. He is recognized and appreciated for creating high-performing teams to deliver excellent work products while maintaining transparency and concise communication with clients in high-pressure environments. 

Volker has guided clients through U.S.-monitorships, high-profile internal investigations and compliance reviews, as well as their transformation of target operating models in compliance, risk management and internal control. He served in advisory roles with substantial responsibility at some of the largest U.S.-monitorships to date, reviewing and assessing compliance and risk management systems to ensure that settlement agreements are successfully met.     

Volker supports underserved children in Latin America and is an advocate for children's rights.

Volker always did whatever it took to meet the intensive demands of the work and delivered excellent work product. He was consistently reliable and met every challenge with a high degree of competency. Despite the high workload and immense pressure of the engagement, Volker was always prepared and maintained a positive attitude and was often a great motivator for other team members.

Partner, U.S. law firm