Sho has nearly 30 years of experience in leading and supporting business turnarounds, value ups, and organizational restructurings in the areas of cultural change, new business, new product launches, and postmerger integration (PMI) in both business companies and a consulting firm. Before joining AlixPartners, he led a business at Bristol-Myers Squibb through an organizational restructuring, a growth strategy execution, a digitalization, and a new product launch. Before that, he was president of AlconPharma and completed PMI and a reboot of the business. He also executed organizational changes, business creation, and turnarounds at Abbott, Alcon, AbbVie, and Janssen. In other engagements, he supported large companies through growth strategies, new business launches, turnarounds, and PMIs in the healthcare, finance, IT, automobile, trading, and utility sectors.

Sho has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Tokyo.