In healthcare and life sciences, leading-edge therapies and approaches are changing patient outcomes. They’re saving lives in some cases and improving the quality of life in others.

However, the enterprise is complicated by sharp competition, labor shortages, value-chain threats, and litigation.

The companies succeeding in their mission, whether they procure labs and facilities, pharma, biotech or medical devices, or operate provider networks, are using practical strategies to harness disruptive technology. And they’re doing so efficiently and cost-effectively. That’s where we come in. 

Our goal is to support you in delivering world-class healthcare and developing the next game-changing therapy by powering growth as well as cost reduction. We conduct full-picture analyses into how stakeholders interact across the healthcare value chain, using our expertise in data management, value creation, regulatory and quality management, asset selection and post-merger integration (PMI) to inform our guidance.  

Our team of experienced consultants come from the healthcare, life sciences and tech industries, and work to optimize companies through growth, cost reduction, PMI and global transformation. From biologics and wearables to telehealth visits and data-driven care plans, advances in healthcare technology and innovation are changing the course of well-care, diagnosis and treatment, and we are there to help you ensure your company is fit for service. 

How we can help



Clinical providers

We know how to improve management of patient data by implementing emerging software and tech services.

Healthcare services

From inpatient clinical care to ambulatory, post-acute and imaging services, we cover the spectrum of healthcare offerings.  

Healthcare IT, software, and services

We advise on implementing care-delivery technologies, software products and services that facilitate the flow of claims and payments, inclusive of revenue cycle, payer, and financial solutions as well as tools to manage patient populations.

Payors and insurance

A big piece of the care puzzle is the transaction. We help providers improve healthcare software platforms to better facilitate claims and payments and improve the patient experience. 

Life Sciences



We advise pharmaceutical manufacturers, CDMOs and CMOs, CROs, and distributors on how to enhance their profitability and operational excellence. Our extensive experience in drug synthesis, preclinical testing, and clinical trials allows us to offer tailored guidance to help our clients accelerate the journey from molecule discovery through regulatory approval to commercialization and beyond.


We work with biotech clients operating in areas such as gene editing, personalized medicine, and biosimilar manufacturing, and bring our robust toolkit and methodologies to bear on challenges, informed by our understanding of genetic engineering, cell therapies, and biologics. Our work in has helped leading innovators tackle the most complex issues with a lens focused on sustainable growth and an uncompromising emphasis on quality delivery of life-saving therapies.

Medical devices, implantables and equipment

We advise medical device manufacturers on how to improve development, commercialization, and production of their products, and help drive better outcomes for producers of devices, healthcare equipment and medical supplies.

Life sciences tools

As fields like biologics, gene editing and biomarker detection grow, the companies who produce instruments, equipment software and other tools have a huge opportunity. We advise companies on research and development of new medical products for diagnostic testing and analysis.

Case studies