With over 15 years of experience in business transformation and digital media, Emanuele 'Lele' De Santis stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of strategic consulting. Currently serving as a Senior Vice President at AlixPartners, Lele has established himself as a pivotal force within the firm's Digital Media & Tech unit. His analytical acumen, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, has enabled him to be a trusted advisor to senior executives, adept at steering complex projects to success.

Lele's professional journey is marked by his exceptional ability to lead large-scale cost transformation initiatives. His expertise in this domain has led to significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions for numerous clients. A key highlight of his career at AlixPartners includes overseeing the integration of two major internet companies, resulting in a substantial reduction in headcount costs.

A pivotal aspect of Lele's role is his partnership with Palantir Foundry. This collaboration underscores his commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive value and innovation in project management and operational strategies. Through this partnership, Lele has been instrumental in identifying and executing transformative digital solutions.

In the rapidly evolving field of digital transformation, Lele has demonstrated remarkable foresight and leadership. His approach to integrating digital solutions into traditional business models has not only optimized operations but also fueled growth and competitiveness for his clients. His proficiency in tools such as Tableau and Salesforce has been central to his success in driving data-driven decision-making processes.

Lele's deep expertise in Ad Tech and Programmatic has been a cornerstone of his career. His strategic planning and execution in this area have been instrumental in maximizing the digital media potential for various organizations. His work encompasses everything from sales finance optimization to developing frameworks for publisher partnerships, significantly enhancing revenue streams and reducing costs.

A strong proponent of cross-functional leadership, Lele excels in bringing together diverse teams to achieve common goals. His ability to navigate organizational dynamics, align executive priorities with operational activities, and communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels has been critical in his role as a senior advisor.

In conclusion, Emanuele 'Lele' De Santis is a dynamic and visionary leader, whose extensive experience in digital media, strategic consulting, and technological innovation continues to drive significant transformations in the business landscape.