David has over 15 years of experience applying data science methods to unlock business performance through operations improvement, demand forecasting, and marketing optimization across multiple industries. 

He has driven tangible value through implementing AI applications, enabling companies to triage, plan, and execute against strategic initiatives.

The end of man is knowledge, but there is one thing he can't know. He can't know whether knowledge will save him or kill him. He will be killed, all right, but he can't know whether he is killed because of the knowledge which he has got or because of the knowledge which he hasn't got and which if he had it, would save him.

Robert Penn Warren, All the King's Men
  • Supported a leading regional grocer with understanding and improving Fresh shrink; implemented a suite of analytical tools to diagnose drivers of shrink, designed initiatives to address the top drivers, and supported the leadership team with ongoing management of Fresh departments to improve performance
  • Supported technology startups across the Retail, Home Health, and Software Services industries to define corporate strategic priorities, develop pricing strategies, and restructure operations
  • Led consumer analytics and royalty forecasting for Pandora Media; led the effort to transition Pandora's business model from an ad-supported model to a premium subscription service