Terry is a risk and compliance professional with 10 years' experience in enterprise data management, data analytics and digital forensics.

He has extensive experience applying his knowledge of various database management systems, scripting techniques and visualization methods to a range of governance, risk and compliance exercises, such as internal investigations, anti-money laundering, risk modeling, regulatory reporting and system control testing and calibration.

Through his work supporting global clients across a range of industry sectors, he has become intimately familiar with the data and systems challenges often faced by firms pursuing a data-driven approach to their governance, risk and compliance programs.

Key engagements:

  • Led analytics work in a compliance review for a global investment fund company in China. Through discussion with various stakeholders, in-depth review of configurations and comprehensive system testing and validation, he identified series of issues around sanction screening and anti-money laundering controls.
  • Analyzed online event records for a large pharmaceutical company to identify suspicious event records falsified by its sales representatives. By incorporating common risk-based analytics techniques and publicly available data, he helped create a flexible risk model that facilitated company's further deep-dive review.
  • As part of a research program addressing trade-based money laundering, he created analytics and visualization package to highlight the magnitude of the problem and trading patterns for specific high-risk commodities by analyzing public trade data as well as proprietary import declaration records.
  • Implemented in-depth profitability analysis for a large beverage company to facilitate better resource allocation and financial performance. Also, he created a comprehensive financial forecasting model incorporating multiple changing factors to ensure its effectiveness and robustness.