Data is critical.

The challenge for businesses to safely and effectively manage, store, trace, and analyze data has introduced unprecedented risk.

This risk manifests in data used in daily operations, strategic business improvement, regulatory inquiries, litigation readiness, and beyond. Coupled with massive amounts of data is the increasing complexity of the systems which manage this information. Systems must be properly understood to derive value from the data they manage. Considering this duality is crucial in deploying the right team to handle business requirements. 

AlixPartners’ data analytics team include data and systems experts. This expertise lets us fully understand and acquire data assets using various methods and technologies to derive value.  

We partner with counsel and clients to produce defensible results. Our approach is founded on the concept of completeness and accuracy through transparency and audibility. 

AlixPartners’ bench of experts delivers solutions at pace by utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based tools and technologies that are evaluated as appropriate for the situation. Our professionals bring years of expertise with constant horizon-scanning that integrates new technologies to deliver unmatched results. 

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