Overtourism is not just an inconvenience – in many places it is a growing crisis.

From environmental degradation and overcrowding to increasing costs and the displacement of local communities, this phenomenon’s broad range of impacts is becoming more acute each year.

In our panel discussion, we candidly examine the travel industry and its outlook for the remainder of 2024. We confront the overwhelming demand for classic destinations versus the overlooked gems, the reality of overtourism versus its perception, and how these challenges are reflected in customer satisfaction and local livelihoods.

There are mixed blessings to consider in this arena though. The tourism sector contributed 9.2% to global GDP in 2023 and has catalysed many initiatives to improve regional and country-wide infrastructure development, environmental conservation, and cultural preservation.

Furthermore, we examine the pioneering role that artificial intelligence could play in the industry. Could it be the lever to rebalance the scales, optimise tourist flows, and bring about a more sustainable model for tourism?

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Meet the panelists

To discuss the topic of overtourism in greater detail, we convened a panel of notable travel industry figures, chaired by Beatrix Morath, AlixPartners Partner and Managing Director and Global Co-Leader of our Restaurants, Hospitality, Travel and Leisure practice.

Watch the full panel discussion below, or select a themed chapter.

Chapter One: Travel industry outlooks for 2024
Chapter Two: What do we mean by overtourism?
Chapter Three: How can operators mitigate overtourism?
Chapter Four: How are sustainability efforts linked to overtourism?
Chapter Five: Can technology help or hinder overtourism?

Travel insights from AlixPartners

Partner and Managing Director Steve Braude introduces two recent consumer-focused travel industry studies from AlixPartners.

Our Critical Consumer 2024 study features:

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  • Data breakdowns by region, income, and age
  • Sustainability deep-dive

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Our Consumer Travel survey features:

  • Responses from 2,700 consumers in six countries – USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia
  • Data breakdowns by region, income, and age
  • AI deep-dive

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