After being acquired, this manufacturer’s performance was in continuous decline with strategic, operational, and leadership challenges dragging on productivity and morale. These challenges were exacerbated as the U.S. acquisition was now being managed remotely from Asia, which caused coordination, trust, and logistical issues. AlixPartners was engaged to select a new leadership team for the acquired company, including a new CEO, that could deftly navigate the gap between the parent company in Asia and the acquisition’s U.S. operations. 

Right away, the team got to work implementing a data-driven methodology to determine each individual’s cognitive abilities, strategic reasoning, and potential risk factors. This included a four-hour behavioral event interview designed to identify motivations, accomplishments, and weaknesses. These were then packaged into a set of recommendations for the parent company, as well as provided in feedback sessions to each individual leader.

In just two weeks, the AlixPartners team quickly identified a strong candidate for CEO that was well-positioned to work with the parent company in Asia and employees in the U.S., while also forging a well-equipped leadership team around the CEO. This set the company on course for stronger communication, enhanced cooperation, and a reversal of their revenue decline.

After this initial and rapid success, the team was reengaged for executive coaching to ensure that this strong start and promising revenue recovery translated into sustainable growth for the long haul. 

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