As the pace of change picks up and firms face challenges from digitization, disorder in the value chain, industry disruption, and consolidation and fragmentation, the old ways of delivering transformation won’t work.

Top-down cuts to headcount, slashed balance sheet items, and command-and-control leadership might save you in the short term, but for sustainable long-term growth, you need a different kind of strategy. 

One that solves for misaligned communication, talent gaps, and siloes. One that addresses the root causes of organizational turmoil. One that puts a transformational leader at the helm.

Our practice specializes in building sustainable value through an engaged and capable workforce and enabling high performance leaders to drive the strategic direction. Using proprietary tools and research, data analytics, organizational x-rays, and behavioral science, we help businesses choose the right leaders. And we help them build the right culture, leadership systems, and team dynamics to enable those leaders to excel on the job—right from the start.

Transformative leaders understand what the organization must transform into so that it may successfully navigate a disrupted landscape. To drive the needed transformation, these leaders take ownership of and effectively communicate crucial elements that form their organization’s desired direction. They are someone who knows how to set the direction for the organization, who makes people want to follow, and who wins people’s commitment to the purpose, mission, values, and strategy that the leader has laid out.

Achieving mastery as a transformative leader starts with the C-Suite—how they lead, what types of leaders they, in turn, hire and promote, and which behaviors and results they reward. The mastery needs to cascade to all the leaders and managers at every level in the organization. Indeed, the transformative leadership model isn’t just for those in the top of the house but for the development of leadership talent throughout the organization. The result? A strong and nimble talent bench that’s vital for robust succession planning, which in turn is a crucial ingredient in strategic talent management and culture building.

How we can help

Organizational Health Diagnostic

Our Organizational Health Diagnostic (OHD)—a measure of transformational readiness—gathers data through interviews with key stakeholders and employees as well as from surveys and digital focus groups. Detailed analysis of this data produces a roadmap for a strategic change-management program and transformation that addresses key levers and obstacles such as leadership effectiveness and alignment, strategic clarity and culture.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Developing executive talent throughout the organization results in a strong and nimble talent bench that’s vital for robust succession planning and culture building. Our executive coaching services encode the core competencies of transformative leadership into individual leaders and into entire firms, starting with the most influential and value-creating players.

Executive Assessment

Our highly customized, data-driven, and unique approach to executive assessment provides a deep view into an individual’s strengths, development opportunities and fit within the organization. 

We are able to identify core role accountabilities to use as a bespoke assessment framework and determine the extent to which the individual will succeed in the current or future work environment.

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