A data services company recently acquired by private equity faced cost pressures. Our team set out to identify opportunities for synergy and savings and to get buy-in from executive leadership. Speed was of the essence, and we didn't disappoint.

One month on from day 1, we had identified more than a 20% uplift on the due diligence phase opportunity. One year from the acquisition, 70% of the run-rate benefits were set up and implemented.

We were able to cease investments in low-performing assets and simplify the overall business model, moving from a sector to a geographic model to avoid duplication and multiple points of contact. To bolster efficiencies, we supported the development of an in-house digital automation center of excellence and methodologies, as well as identified point solutions to automate transactional processes. These included a shift from a high-cost on-premises model to more cost efficient cloud option, and terminating multi-application license fees in favor of software-as-a-service (SaaS) options.

Over three years, we challenged every cost line item to target structural savings and loft the business into the next digital era.

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