A high-growth M&A-focused freight broker with $800 million in sales had struggled following several acquisitions due to a suboptimal integration of processes, systems, and accounts on freight and warehouse. A diversified customer base and strong financials provided some breathing room as we were brought on to identify and implement opportunities across service lines.

The AlixPartners team worked with the client to assess eight workstreams: pickup and delivery, sell rate margin management, linehaul optimization, brokerage insourcing, carrier sourcing, warehousing improvements, internal network integration, and the gross profit-sharing program. We uncovered inefficiencies deriving from a lack of visibility among stations and executive management, and worked to provide a road map for longer-term improvements across the company.

To implement operations improvements, our team developed the tools needed to identify and track opportunities and results in real time, and trained station managers on how to use the dashboards and be able to best apply the available data analytics as a decision guide for day-to-day activities. We worked to establish the required cadence to centralize and capture opportunities, as well as track and validate progress. The result led to an established EBITDA improvement program to capture $15 million in benefits and build positive momentum across all workstreams.

$10-16 million

gross profit improvement opportunities
identified by the AlixPartners team

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