After being acquired, this placement agency suffered a 50% drop in forecasted revenues, with significant resistance to change and persistent workforce disengagement. Their new owner engaged the AlixPartners team to align on a “one firm” strategy, create actionable KPIs to address revenue challenges, and develop a strategic talent practice to raise engagement among employees.

Our team launched two parallel work streams, with an extensive leadership assessment and an Organizational Health Diagnostic to identify high-potential talent and individual culture blockers at all levels of the organization. The results of this work were immediately put into action in the form of a new leadership structure and KPIs that emphasized accountability, systems to promote cross-functional collaborations throughout the organization, and a centralized strategy to drive revenue growth. 

With more effective leadership, reengaged employees, and a clear path forward, the organization was now well on its way to hitting the ambitious financial performance expected by its market. Crucially, new firm-wide systems to encourage openness to change, develop top talent, and incentivize revenue growth set the company to not only hit growth targets in the short term, but also to sustain high performance in the long run. 

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