Cut complexity and improve the transparency of your route to net zero

Sustainability is a complex, dynamic stakeholder environment and decarbonization is a global imperative for every industry. Yet COP26 has highlighted that companies are not on track to deliver Net Zero, and a dramatic shift from strategic intent to action and results is needed.

AlixPartners’ Should-Carbon methodology and toolkit cuts through the complexity of calculating and actioning carbon reduction, making it easier to measure, map and reduce supplier carbon.

Most organizations will have baselines and plans in place to improve their directly controllable Scope 1 & 2 emissions. However, the biggest challenge they face in effectively managing carbon reduction is in their supply chain – typically categorized as Scope 3 and driven by ‘upstream’ suppliers.

Should-Carbon translates carbon measurement into actionable plans at each stage of category planning, procurement and supplier management processes. This practical and pragmatic approach accelerates cross-business decision-making to mobilize, speed up and scale carbon reduction initiatives with an organization’s supplier base.

The road to decarbonization is challenging, involves detailed operational thinking and commitment to new ways of working. Now is the time to accelerate your journey to Net Zero with Should-Carbon.

What makes us different?

  • Our deep expertise in this space: Our global team is experienced in best practices and emerging standards across multiple industries to help you cut through the complexity, alongside the use of GHG protocol guidance. We understand the pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Tailored solutions that deliver results fast: We firmly believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to carbon management and, working with our ecosystem of world-class partners, we build solutions that fit your ambitions and your specific supply chain. Our firm’s DNA of driving exceptional results fast is perfectly suited to translating ESG targets into action.
  • We build your own sustainable capabilities in carbon management: Our objective is to set up your team and governance for long-term success. We help you fully understand the competitor landscape, create credible and reportable baselines, and identify ‘hotspot’ carbon-emitting categories and supplier projects, all of which will empower your team to deliver enduring results.
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How does Should-Carbon™ work?

Should-Carbon™ uses metrics to create transparency and collaboratively build a carbon reduction roadmap that drives action and embeds long term capability.

We apply a collaborative carbon ‘value creation’ approach to identify the levers and incentives that will pragmatically reduce supplier carbon.