The tech sector is facing powerful, disruptive forces as innovation emerges at an accelerating pace and market conditions necessitate new ways to adapt.

While “growth at all costs” has defined the tech industry for many years, shifting capital markets, growth estimates, and investor expectations now force management teams to deliver profitable growth while self-funding investments to stay competitive. Additional headwinds such as slowing demand, supply chain constraints, and cyber threats pose further challenges for tech companies.

AlixPartners’ Technology Industry Practice is a trusted advisor to tech CxOs and investors as they shape their agendas to respond to strategic, financial, and operational challenges and drive their companies toward growth and profitability.

Our global team of 200+ practitioners brings together extensive sector-specific knowledge, a suite of cutting-edge proprietary platforms, and a demonstrated history of accelerated value creation. We deploy small, senior teams with a pragmatic and collaborative approach to provide hands-on support, ensure strong stakeholder alignment, build trust, and rigorously tie results to both strategic goals and P&L impact.

How we can help

Performance Assessment & Operational Excellence

We have redefined the concept of performance assessment, moving beyond benchmarking and leveraging multi-dimensional reference performance metrics (RPMs) to rapidly identify imbalances, underperformance, and pinpoint actionable levers that management can act upon to drive sustainable top-line and profitability improvement.

Digital Innovation & Transformation

We understand that technology and IT infrastructure are at the forefront of all growth & transformation strategies for tech companies, infused into operations and culture. Our digital and tech sector experts help companies drive IT transformation, modernize digital infrastructure, optimize cloud cost and usage, and implement tech innovation—including AL and ML capabilities.

Deal Cycle Support

We provide M&A services for tech companies and investors. Our approach provides a fast process, less disruption to ongoing business, and higher transaction value and return across all stages of the deal life cycle.

  • Outside-in due diligence
  • M&A strategy and target identification
  • Transaction advisory and pre-sign due diligence
  • Pre-close planning & post-merger integration
  • Full potential value creation program
  • Carve-out/divestiture prep & planning
  • Maximize exit value

Organizational Efficiency & Effectiveness

AlixPartners’ Radial Org Analyzer® is a proprietary digital solution focused on total labor management that infuses decades of organizational expertise with powerful visualization technology to provide analysis, insights, and real-time simulation. Leveraging the Radial tool allows companies to take a more holistic view of their labor expenses and enables a rigorous, methodical, and sustainable approach to hiring.

  • Org visualization and stats: View 100K+ employees via a single view or instant dynamic drill-down, which highlights org statistics and anomalies
  • AI-enabled opportunity identification: Identify improvement opportunities across 14 efficiency levers at Badge ID level
  • Real-time simulation: Run org scenarios (e.g., change reporting line, move teams, reduce positions)

Turnaround & Restructuring

As the leading global provider of turnaround and restructuring services, we combine deep tech sector experience with our comprehensive suite of restructuring services—from urgent performance improvement to complex restructuring and risk mitigation to accelerated transformation. We ensure disruption, the nature of the business, and operating models are at the forefront of mission-critical projects to support companies, management teams, boards, and financial stakeholders “when it really matters.”

  • Liquidity & cash flow management
  • Business & contingency planning
  • Restructuring & interim management
  • Lender advisory

Product Profitability & Development Performance

We help tech companies looking to optimize product strategy, product portfolios, development roadmaps, and R&D resource allocation to ensure the right balance between running and maintaining existing products and developing/launching new ones. Our approach provides a fresh, end-to-end view of product and customer lifecycles, creating transparency over development costs, go-to-market investments, and operational activities to create an adjusted reporting structure that highlights product and new development profitability and unveils imbalances between run-the-business and expansion, and sub-optimal operational processes. Typical levers include product roadmap planning and portfolio rationalization; optimization of R&D and engineering structure and operating model; and product architecture, operations, org structure, and commercial strategy—including pricing, go-to-market, channel strategy, and customer support.

Go-to-Market & Revenue Growth

We work with tech companies to develop a go-to-market approach tailored to drive operational effectiveness, sales productivity, and overall top-line growth and monetization.

Example levers include:

  • Top line growth
  • Go-to-market & sales org effectiveness
  • Customer segmentation & coverage model
  • Pricing & discounting
  • Partner operating model

Operating Model Effectiveness

We help tech companies optimize every aspect of their cost structure and make operations leaner, faster, and more efficient—without sacrificing growth potential.

  • Cost/margin improvement: We help identify and quickly implement a portfolio of value creation opportunities across internal and external levers such as SG&A and R&D to capture cost savings, drive margin improvement, and identify areas for reinvestment.
  • Customer support model: We help optimize centers of excellence (CoE), including resources, processes, tools, and automation.

Supply-Chain & Procurement

AlixPartners’ Global Trade Optimizer™ is a proprietary digital solution that generates powerful insights to solve a vast array of trade and material sourcing challenges and enable more resilient supply chains and manufacturing footprint.

Data, Compliance & Risk

Our services are designed to work together to support businesses at any point in their life cycle—from adjusting to macroeconomic headwinds or preparing for a robust valuation defense to minimizing risk using our technological toolkits and advisory frameworks.

  • Litigation support
  • Data analytics & discovery
  • Forensic accounting
  • Data privacy & compliance
  • Cybersecurity

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