Flexibility and patience will be key to finding the right future of hybrid work


We always knew the path back toward normality was never going to be straightforward. But as the world returns to work and school from summer holidays, we are starting to see just what a challenging journey this is proving to be.

As only a quarter of office workers in New York are estimated to be back at their desks and mobility data from Google suggests that office activity in London is still down 40% from pre-pandemic levels, what is clear is that hybrid work models will be significantly more complex than those before the pandemic or while working fully from home. And in an environment of labor scarcity, particularly for people with the most-in-demand skills, the need to get these models right is particularly high.

AlixPartners CEO Simon Freakley shares his insight on the necessity of embedding flexibility and patience into the hybrid work model and how AlixPartners is building on these principles to forge the path for our firm’s future success. Continue reading the full article on LinkedIn.


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