Funding growth: a global executive survey on sustainable overhead cost management

April 1, 2014
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Even when economies perk up, executives can’t afford to grow complacent—because forces like competitive pressure can still pose tough challenges. To overcome those hurdles, executives must free up resources to fund new growth—and they can do it by excelling at sustainable overhead cost management.

At a glance

  • Our global executive survey reveals how business leaders are funding growth through savvy overhead cost management.
  • Many plan to take more costs out. But they also acknowledge that achieving significant overhead cost savings will only get more difficult in the future.
  • They’ll need a more sophisticated approach to achieve sustainable improvements, not just capture near-term savings.
  • Executives view execution and leadership commitment as most critical to cost-reduction efforts—and most challenging.
  • Reporting moderate success with their previous overhead cost initiatives, they know they have to ensure that savings materialize and are sustainable.
  • Designing the right overhead cost structure to build an enduring platform for future growth is a key c-suite imperative.

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