How to start an incremental digital revolution

July 31, 2018
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For the last few years we have had nothing but digital euphoria (some would say hysteria)—characterized by big claims with no quantitative evidence, deliberate efforts to create anxiety about being left behind, shape shifting of pre-existing products and services to fit the new craze, and a flood of articles, conferences, books and consulting services that claim to de-mystify the subject. The word ‘digital’ is added to everything in the same way that a slice of lime was added to mediocre beer in the 90s to make it cool and twice the price.

I think digital, properly understood, really does have the power to change business and our wider world fundamentally. I view it as the biggest shift in my lifetime and believe we will be unpacking its implications for at least the next two decades. By ‘properly understood’ I mean viewing digital as a confluence of advances in technology that have created a major inflection point that materially changes what is possible. This has not only increased technical opportunities but also expanded the ways in which businesses can organize and operate.

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