Providing a strong and resilient voice will help give your business the greatest chance to weather the storm and protect your value for recovery

There are four critical leadership behaviors:

  1. Compassion: Although it’s natural to show compassion in normal circumstances, a mindful leader is careful to also show compassion under pressure, especially in uncertain times.
  2. Clarity: In difficult times, people look to their leaders for guidance and clarity, and they "read" their leaders in an effort to gauge the severity of the crisis. They want to know that there is a deliberate plan and a wise path forward.
  3. Community: In moments of crisis and uncertainty, people either bind together or pull apart. As a leader, there is an enormous opportunity to emphasize and reinforce the benefits of supporting each other, and to demonstrate the strength of your organization’s sense of community.
  4. Continuity: Use the time to examine your current vision and strategy. As the world changes, ensure your organization is ahead of the curve.

Focus on the behaviors that distinguish good leaders, especially during a crisis.