Customers and leadership teams are hungry for leadership that is more empathetic, more open, and more engaged with the hearts—and the minds—of employees. Leading through this transformative time requires more than a steady hand and mastery of strategic thinking—it demands a higher level of emotional intelligence.

On July 29, Ted Bililies and Eric Koza participated in a webcast discussion with Chief Executive Magazine on how to develop as a Transformative Leader, by building your personal EQ and effectively marrying it to strategic planning, communications, decision making, and other crucial leadership functions.

This topic is particularly relevant to business leaders today, who are facing a period of change and disruption unlike any in a century or more, from racial injustice to COVID-19 to digital technology. These disruptions call on all of us to rethink the way we operate and how we lead our organizations.

This webcast is in partnership with Chief Executive Magazine.