The winning recipe for digital transformation

December 1, 2015
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Successful digital transformation leads directly to increased revenue and improved profitability. Transformations work best when they address the major influences on financial performance through a five-category framework: (1) business model and real-time architecture, (2) understanding, predicting, and interacting with customers, (3) information-based decisions, (4) digital automation, and (5) technology finance and governance.

At a glance

  • An effective digital business model enables information-sharing across the business to improve sales, reduce process costs, and standardize operations.
  • Transformed companies use digital tools to segment customers and deliver consistent, favorable experiences.
  • Managers armed with digital solutions can make decisions based on a clear and real-time view of what’s selling, who’s buying it, and how it adds to the bottom line.
  • Digitally transformed organizations strive to minimize the cost of protecting the business so that they can invest more in improving it.