At a glance

The issue of price transparency, including drug-pricing benefits, in the life sciences and healthcare industries, continues to be a critical one in the United States. 

If we assume there will be some change, regardless of where price transparency goes, we believe the life sciences and healthcare companies will (still) have to tackle the following issues.

  • Re-evaluation of global, regional, and local pricing.
  • Renegotiation of associated contracts with stakeholders in the value chain.
  • Pricing is only one component when it comes to supply and demand.
  • Evaluate whether reference pricing can be applied to biologics and biosimilars.
  • Consider what to manufacture and where.
  • Health plans, providers, patients, and stakeholders down the healthcare value chain may be limited to obtaining products manufactured by a smaller number of companies that can produce at extremely low costs.

The issues involving drug price transparency continue to develop as we speak. Upcoming articles will explore the related issues.