Meet the real: Carlos Chait

September 15, 2017

Meet Carlos Chait. Carlos, a vice president in our Legal Analytics & Discovery practice and a member of our Hispanics or Latinxs of AlixPartners (HOLA) employee resource group. Carlos shares his favorite stress-reliever, a time he had a run-in with an A-list celebrity, and more.

Q: Have you always lived in your current city? If not, where have you lived and what brought you to your current location?

A: I actually only recently moved to New York in September 2016 from San Francisco, where I had been living for five years. My move was prompted by my proposal to my then-girlfriend/now-wife, who was living in New York at the time. We thought living in the same city would make wedding and life planning easier.

Q: What is your favorite (best/worst/funniest) travel memory?

A: In 2016, I had the opportunity to visit Croatia, though not for its Game of Thrones settings—sometimes I feel like I’m one of the few who has never watched the show! I went for its breath-taking architectural and natural beauty. Particularly noteworthy in our time there was Krka National Park, where we were able to swim among the waterfalls with the luscious green backdrop of the hills behind them. I highly recommend Croatia to everyone, though I’d go quickly, as I hear limitations on visitors are soon to be, if not already, in place.

Q: What do you do to relieve stress?

A: For me, exercise is really the greatest stress-reliever of them all, and I’ve been fortunate enough to live in two cities, San Francisco and New York, whose residents truly relish their moments of good weather and like to be outside and active. From runs over the hills of San Francisco or through Central Park to softball and basketball games in one of the many smaller parks in each city, I tend to maintain my sanity by keeping my heart rate revving whenever I can.

Q: Tell us about a song that reminds you of a favorite time in your life.

A: It would have to be John Legend’s “All of Me.” This song had always been a personal favorite of mine, but took on an even more memorable role as the song to which my wife and I shared the first dance at our wedding!

Q: Name a high spot of working at AlixPartners.

A: Having just joined AlixPartners in July 2017, I can only speak to a high spot I’m looking forward to, and that’s joining our Tokyo office later this year. In the meantime, I want to thank my colleagues in New York and Washington, DC for their assistance and guidance with onboarding to prepare me for this opportunity ahead of me.

Q: Previous to AlixPartners, name an interesting job that you’ve had.

A: As a high-school student growing up in Los Angeles, I used to spend a good portion of my summer working at the local park, including as a scorekeeper for junior league basketball games. It’s not all that interesting in its own right, but one of the league’s teams had a player by the name of John David Washington (now an actor on HBO’s series “Ballers”) and was coached by his slightly more well-known father, Denzel Washington! At one point, Denzel yelled at me because he thought I hadn’t correctly awarded a point to his team on the scoreboard. Needless to say, the scoreboard and I were right.