C-Suite Alignment is Critical for Effective Leadership

The executive alignment workshop builds accountability for sustained transformation.  More info about outcomes and benefits will be added here, potentially as bullet points:

  • Benefit number one
  • Benefit number two
  • Benefit number three

AlixPartners Executive Alignment Workshop

Are company leaders really on the same page?
  • Big picture and operational plans – are they meaningful, clear, consistent, articulated and understood by all team members (at all levels)?
  • Do people understand how their role fits into the overall picture?

  • Have we been real about our strengths, team, clients, offer, environment and what we need to get us there?
  • Do we have ‘real’ strategic plans that will drive our team to deliver results?
  • Do people want to go through the pain of learning new habits & skills, adopting a mindset change in order to drive results?
  • Is there a high level of desirability – is there a high level of motivation and engagement of the team toward your direction?
  • Do we and our team truly believe we will achieve the goals set?
  • Are there examples or evidence of people in the organization not buying in to the direction components (Vision and/or Strategy)?
Prioritized Actvity
  • To what extent have you identified your key leadership activities required to support the achievement of the goals?
  • Are the critical success factors clear and prioritized?
  • To what extent have you identified the core capabilities that you require from a leadership perspective to get the job done?
  • Are there any gaps?
  • Is under-performance dealt with fairly? Do you regularly discuss performance progress against the direction you have set with the team?
  • To what extent does your team take personal responsibility for results?
  • How energized is the team to deliver on the vision and/or strategy?
  • How motivated are they to continue pushing through the obstacles and handle the pace (without burnout)?
  • How does your team know that the organization is winning?
  • How visible is your leadership to each member of the team?
  • Do you understand why each member of the team will continue to drive for results?