Brett has more than 27 years of experience in serving clients in the areas of dispute analysis, forensic investigation, business and securities valuation, intellectual property valuation, and transactions advisory. He regularly applies broad knowledge across finance, accounting, and economic disciplines to develop unique and technically proficient solutions for clients facing complex challenges. His wide-ranging experience includes securities litigation, investigations, intellectual property infringement, breach of contract and fiduciary duty, investor class actions, government contracting, and purchase price disputes. Previously, he led the financial advisory services practice at the St. Louis McGladrey office and was a senior manager at Deloitte. Brett has an MBA in Finance.

Key Engagements:

  • Assisted an IT services and solutions company with the prosecution of its purchase price dispute claim. Client disputed the lease accounting for computing/ networking equipment and software at the acquired firm and was eventually awarded over half a billion dollars at arbitration.
  • Consulted with a multinational private equity firm in a dispute involving its sale of a municipal water system in Montana to an international operator of water systems. Provided strategic and tactical advice as part of an arbitration defending against plaintiff’s contention that the water system should have been sold to the municipality.
  • Provided expert opinions regarding the timing of profits earned by a divorcing party that had implemented a “Big Short”-like strategy in securitized mortgage assets as part of the 2008 Financial Crisis fallout.
  • At one of the largest media measurement and analytics companies, performed an internal investigation of the use of nonmonetary transactions (NMTs) to inflate revenues of the company. Through trading media viewership and website traffic data with various external data partners, the company inappropriately created a material portion of its overall revenues.
  • Assisted a Fortune 50 company in negotiating with hedge funds for the purchase of RMBS certificates for which the company had potential underlying mortgage loan liability. Involvement included tasks such as pricing and negotiation strategy.
  • Quantified the damages suffered by an automobile manufacturer as the result of its sourcing of wire harnesses from a manufacturer that was participating in an illegal cartel over approximately ten years. Engagement entailed large amounts of data generated across numerous legacy accounting and parts systems that had to be integrated to provide a reliable indication of damages.
  • After the purchase of a system of eight hospitals in three states, analyzed the effect of deficient post-transaction patient receivable collection services provided to the largest for-profit private operator of hospitals in the US.
  • Assisted in the development of defenses to plaintiff’s damages theories that contended one of the largest global operators of leased office space was required to conduct a multi-billion-dollar tender offer for equity held by the plaintiffs.