With nearly 15 years of experience in Industry and Management Consulting, Luc is a seasoned professional specializing in performance improvement within the Aerospace & Defense sector. Throughout his career, he has cultivated extensive knowledge across Commercial Aviation, Defense, and Aftermarket, working with industry giants and navigating the intricacies of the supply chain.

Luc has established a comprehensive consultancy skill set, collaborating effectively with Private Equity firms throughout the entire investment lifecycle—from Due Diligence to M&A, PMI and Value Creation, with notable expertise in Sourcing/Procurement and Organizational Transformation.

Known for spearheading some of the industry's most challenging projects, including the carve-out of a billion-dollar aviation program, Luc stands as a trusted advisor who consistently delivered exceptional results, such as boosting a portfolio company's exit price by a remarkable 25% over an 18-month transformation program.

With his global experience, Luc places a high value on diversity, multicultural teamwork and the strength derived from a variety of perspectives. He is recognized as a distinguished team leader, acknowledged with an individual award by colleagues, and valued by clients for his guidance and delivery excellence. A committed CrossFitter for over a decade, Luc understands the equally important need to focus on health, family, and friends in addition to professional success.

He holds a Master of Science in Engineering along with an MBA from HEC Paris.