Felix worked at some of the most notable and successful companies in the Automotive and Industrials space, putting his engineering education to the test, before joining AlixPartners, where he nourishes his appetite for challenges and fast-paced work, through high impact projects – shaping the global operations of many of our clients as part of AlixPartners’ Performance Improvement team.

Felix is one of our manufacturing and supplier-operations experts and spends most of his days navigating our clients’ supply chain and operations, assessing their (or their PortCo's) manufacturing assets, or deriving practical, tangible, and measurable improvement plans, all in pursuit of increased total enterprise value. Felix is a passionate leader, and highly experienced at working a wide gamut of people, from the shopfloor to the boardroom, understanding what drives them, and shaping the approach, expectations, and metrics to make everyone work in concert – or step in on an interim basis and fill any void that needs a strong leader as a change agent.

As one of our operations executives, Felix has guided many struggling businesses back to profitability, and helped our clients streamline their supply chain, driving value creation. Whether it is a challenged Tier 1 automotive supplier that needs fixing and restabilizations after a failed launch, or a plant struggling with yield or available capacity, Felix has consistently exhibited success in resolving the most challenging issues.

Key Engagements:

  • Stabilized a struggling casting plant for a Tier 1 supplier, that was responsible for 90% of the overall supplier EBITDA miss – after partial destressing, the operational changes resulted in a 60+% reduction in scrap (50%+ yield improvement) and more than doubling the OEE performance to nearly 65%, eliminating OT, expedited freight, and external contractor spend in excess of $30M.
  • Identified and resolved key driver for $5M in negative material usage variance at consumer products plant, resulting in measurable P&L impact in just weeks.
  • Drove operational turnaround at $80M Tier 1 plant, driving 36% overall plant OEE improvement within 5 months, and ultimately close to 50% improvement in nine month, leading to reduction of scrap by 70% and direct labor costs by 43% – turning a multi-million dollar loss-making plant to break-even in just 6 months.
  • Developed scaling plan, operating model, and metrics system to professionalize and operationalize aftermarket parts distribution business unit of large retailer.
  • Restructured operations at a Mexican Tier 1 supplier after a chaotic launch, leading through changes in crewing, layout, and workload rebalancing, as well as demand signal stabilization to successively go from 24-7 to 3-shift to 2-shift operation, while reducing effective labor cost per part > 50%


I have never had a chance to see you in action and you are so knowledgeable – it was really satisfying to see that up close for once.

Client feedback

Just wanted to thank you and the entire team for an excellent work product.  We know the details were scarce and I appreciate how well your team adapted to that.  I also thought your team was fantastic in integrating with our complex structure.

Private Equity Client

Over his long tenure with AlixPartners, Felix has developed expert skills in corporate transformations, operational turnarounds and plant rescues, but also regularly lends his expertise to due diligence assignments, to develop and evaluate footprint strategies, and help our client resolve issues around all aspects of operational improvements, including yield and quality, capacity management, OEE, crewing/staffing, inventory optimization, S&OP and scheduling, and overall plant operating systems.

Using his expertise at the intersection of the physical and tangible operations of a business, and the leverage and value digital solutions can surface, Felix has a track record of delivering tangible, smart solutions – using our client’s data to drive step-change improvements.