Catherine has 20 years of experience in helping retailers and other consumer businesses digitally transform their operations to drive significant commercial value.

She is an expert in driving revenue and profit growth, using a data and digitally-enabled approach. She has extensive experience in topics such as product and proposition, pricing and promotions optimization, capex planning, and customer engagement.

Catherine is an expert in data, research, and AI.  She is passionate about deploying data and AI ethically and has a strong track record of helping organizations monetize data and build the culture and capabilities required to be data and insight-driven.

Catherine was formerly Chief Data Officer for Guardian News & Media and Data Science Director at the Coop Group. She also has 16 years of consulting experience, working with clients internationally across retail, travel & leisure, airlines, and consumer finance.

Catherine is also passionate about social impact. She is currently a Trustee of Nesta, the UK’s innovation agency for social good; and previously was a Trustee of PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools), a mission to expand access to affordable, quality secondary education across Africa.  She has also worked extensively to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.