Capitalizing on this moment means starting yesterday. It requires a calculated overhaul of "business as usual." 

We’re experiencing a once-in-a-generation inflection point. Those that act decisively will rapidly find themselves ahead, while laggards suffer a sharp drop in relevancy, functionality, and competitiveness.

Not only do businesses need to map out their plan for the next era of business, they need to respond to rapidly shifting consumer expectations and user-driven changes in the age of artificial intelligence.

AI solutions can allow your business to metabolize every piece of data and supercharge every system. That is why boards and executives turn to AlixPartners. We show you how to harness, integrate, and deploy the right technologies to achieve a competitive advantage, to pressure test new solutions, and to unlock quantifiable business outcomes. 

From automated tech to advanced analytics and machine learning (ML), our data scientists and industry experts know how to embed game-changing AI solutions. At the same time, AI solutions are useless if your broader team doesn't know how to use them. We set the vision, introduce solutions and equip leaders with the necessary tools and resources to upskill their teams. It’s how we unlock real value at speed.

"AI is both exciting and daunting for leaders and society at large. Unlocking AI’s force multiplier effects promises massive productivity gains as well as brand new vectors for revenue growth, value creation, and reskilling for those organizations that recognize and act upon the opportunity."
—Simon Freakley, CEO, AlixPartners


of executives give themselves an A-grade for how well they’re capitalizing on AI


of global executives are optimistic about the impact of generative AI on enterprise


report generative AI is fully embedded into workflows

AI for enterprise growth

Much as automated technology allowed humans to augment themselves in the production line, AI has wide-reaching applications across procurement, logistics, customer service, production, analytics—anywhere a human is needed to facilitate processes, replacing needlessly duplicative and granular work.  

Tools like machine learning and large language models can facilitate continuous improvement of a given function, allowing you to launch and run higher-caliber services and products than in the past. We know how to cut through the complexity.

AI-powered data management and analytical tools help manage and capitalize on the immense flow of data through a given business—exponentially more in one year than the last. Our team of data scientists and specialized operators know how to seed these tools in your organization, and power growth.

Case studies


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AlixPartners CEO Simon Freakley joins Michael Kratsios, Managing Director of Scale AI, and Amna Nawaz, co-anchor of PBS NewsHour, to discuss AI, how business leaders can approach it and best implement the technology and what it means for the future of business, and how we live.

TODAY Show: How to use AI to plan vacations

NBC’s Vicky Nguyen speaks to AlixPartners' Partner & Managing Director Angela Zutavern on the TODAY Show in a report on how AI tools can help users navigate hyperdynamic pricing to find the best deals on airfare and hotels.

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