After over 10 years of experience supporting private equity funds and corporations transacting M&A deals in America and Europe, first as an Investment Banker and then as a management consultant manager at Kearney’s transactions and transformation practice, José Antonio joined AlixPartners Private Equity team.

José Antonio enjoys solving complex and ambiguous problems with strong business acumen, modeling, and data analytics. He can support multi-country transactions by leveraging his work experience in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Singapore, and India. He also holds an MBA from the National University of Singapore.

Jose, a versatile professional, has excelled both as a consultant and an investment banker, showcasing his expertise across various domains. In his capacity as a consultant, Jose executed over 12 commercial and operational due diligence projects spanning transportation, retail, technology, consumer products, and manufacturing. He demonstrated his consulting prowess by developing a synergy estimation and capture plan for a telecom client, assessing opportunities in the commercial organizational structure of another telecom client, estimating stand-alone costs for a manufacturing and service business undergoing divestiture, leading a supply chain workstream divestiture for a food and beverage company, developing a growth strategy for a high-tech manufacturer, managing a cost transformation for a telecom client, and engaging in driver-based cost assignment for a retail client. As an investment banker, Jose adeptly structured and modeled M&A deals and company valuations. His financial acumen extended to modeling and structuring securitizations, corporate bonds, and commercial papers for major Latin American companies. 

José Antonio loves playing tennis and attending classical music concerts. If you do, too, and are in NY, do not hesitate to reach out.