Clorox, a global cleaning products manufacturer, was experiencing a slowdown in top-line growth and needed to refocus on value to improve profitable growth. We identified potential across the Clorox portfolio by brand, channel, geographic region, and customer, and piloted a new, more granular approach to strategy development within select business units, and later the entire organization. 

In addition, there was a need to adopt a more consistent approach to managing the company’s diverse portfolio of business. We conducted training sessions with senior management, line management, and key contributors in each business, focused on the requirements and necessary capabilities to successfully maximize shareholder value growth.  

We also helped the company redesign its management incentive program, awarding for economically profitable growth at the business unit level, as well as corporate-wide improvement in shareholder value. The transformation delivered double-digit annual profit growth over the next five years and shareholder returns in the top quartile.

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