A multi-billion-dollar global storage and tools manufacturer was sitting on a trove of data assets with no plan to unlock its potential. Without access to these insights, the team couldn’t hit target fill rates and other customer service level agreements—which impacted their ability to grow. The company needed help setting an AI vision and putting it to use. 

AlixPartners was brought in to establish an enterprise-wide Center of Excellence (CoE) that could leverage AI and data analytics to drive $600 million in bottom-line benefits in five areas: on-time in-full (OTIF) improvement; direct-to-consumer; inventory reduction, pricing improvement, and marketing effectiveness. 

Our AI strategy included three key elements: 

  1. Digital business model: business case development; opportunity identification and prioritization; KPIs, targets, timing, and resource requirements; process changes and change management.
  2. Vendor oversight: strategy and development of vendor SOWs; proposal evaluation and selection; execution of agile development process; and integration across multiple vendor initiatives.
  3. Technology advisory: data strategy and governance; technical, enterprise-wide architecture design at scale; data engineering and data science validation.

Each component helped us target growth drivers, market potential, and future strategies for long-term results. 
AlixPartners also partnered with executives to set the digital transformation vision, and to help the C-suite introduce new processes to the frontline. This included maintaining the functional ownership of six prioritized minimum viable products (MVPs), which provided specific line of sight into $15-30 million in bottom-line benefits. 

With a roadmap to scale MVPs and capture full value, we helped the team establish functional, technical, and resource scaling for the right mix of tools, governance, and internal and external resources. Value drivers included revenue growth, pricing improvements, digital marketing spend optimization, and rebate management across the business—drivers which continue to generate long-term, ongoing results.

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