When a leading private equity client looked to acquire and transform a leading consumer analytics company through a high-stakes privatization, they faced a labyrinth of operational, technological, and regulatory challenges. That's where our expertise came into play—acting as the compass as our client navigated a complex M&A lifecycle.

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potential cost savings

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Laying the groundwork

Our first step was an operational and technology due diligence, assessing the company’s ongoing operations and technology transformation as they prepared to separate from their parent company. This initial phase was critical for setting the stage: we identified potential cost savings of $300 million by reimagining the operating model and cost structure, groundwork for a more fundamental transformation.

Expanding horizons

After the signing, the company brought in a new management team and we partnered with the  leadership to develop a full-scope value creation plan that not only met but exceeded expectations—identifying over $450 million in savings. We revamped the target operating model, incorporating a novel insourcing and hubbing strategy and technology re-platforming, and helped the owners navigate multiple add-on M&A processes, including planning for both divestments of non-core assets and further bolt-on acquisitions.

Aiming higher

The stakes were raised as the company pursued an ambitious merger with a global competitor. Our team played a key role in evaluating the initial synergy potential and facilitating the integration of these industry leaders to create a $100 million synergy case.

Finalizing the fusion

The final phase was the most delicate, requiring careful planning and execution amidst stringent regulatory scrutiny. We led a "clean team" setup for nearly a year, working with the leadership of the two businesses to plan the integration process, including the organizational design from top to bottom, and ensure a smooth carve-out and sale of non-core units to meet merger clearance requirements.

Throughout these phases, our commitment and partnership enabled the client to not only navigate the complexities of M&A but to enhance and secure significant value creation to create the world's leading consumer analytics company.