A leading $30 billion direct broadcast satellite and streaming video service provider company was experiencing declining subscriptions and revenues, with an urgent need for modernization amid market and customer shifts. The company faced heavy competition and was lagging others in terms of offerings and digital capabilities.

After a private equity firm acquired an ownership stake, the company was being carved out from its parent company. The goal was a three-year, whole-company transformation that would allow the business to re-emerge more profitable, streamlined, and agile.

AlixPartners knew exactly where to start. We began by assessing the company's organizational challenges and identifying pain points that AI and digital solutions could solve, taking into account underperforming satellite and TV programs.

Over the span of 10 months, our experts implemented various AI-related initiatives to improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and improve costs. The initiatives specifically included lead management for scoring and prioritization, shifting acquisition marketing from volume to lifetime value, as well as the diagnosis and identification of price sensitivity by package. By merging large transactional datasets using AI, we identified segments which were bleeding customers and driving churn. 

Modernization efforts included enhanced customer analytics, customer digital self-service, guided sales experiences/digital front door, call center/IVR improvements, organic traffic solutions, and omni-channel solutions.

The engagement delivered a 3-year, $3.5 billion improvement program, with $1 billion in cost optimization, and $2.5 billion in growth. More than 150 initiatives across 50 workstreams were identified across all functions with workplans and cost to achieve, a new governance function was stood-up, and a global business process outsourcing (BPO) rationalization function was established.

AlixPartners helped establish the company transformation office, and transitioned the governance to ensure continued execution and results with accountability. At the end, the signal was stronger than ever.

“AlixPartners hands down did some of the best consulting work I’ve seen in my career.”
—Private equity operating partner

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