Michael Chiock has over 25 years of invaluable experience in consulting and serves as AlixPartners Head of Supply Chain and Operations, as well as Healthcare.  Michael’s industry-spanning expertise focuses primarily on healthcare, consumer products, industrials and business consumer service sectors. His strategy and practical solutions have consistently propelled companies to new heights of efficiency, customer engagement, and profitability. With a keen eye for total company improvement, Michael excels in optimizing operations, sales strategies, pricing models, supply chain strategy, sourcing, and G&A expenses.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics and education leadership from the University of San Diego and membership in the prestigious international economics honor society Omicron Delta Epsilon, blending his academic foundation with hands-on expertise. His data-driven approach and extensive experience across diverse industries, which also include energy and technology make him a trusted advisor and leader in his field.

Michael's impressive portfolio includes leading global operations improvement initiatives, orchestrating seamless mergers, and driving profit enhancement programs. His notable achievements range from delivering significant synergies in post-merger integrations to transforming companies for revenue and profit growth leading to successful acquisitions. Michael's commitment to driving impactful change and delivering tangible results underscores his reputation as a leader in the industry.