AlixPartners’ Telecommunications & Digital Infrastructure Group is a trusted adviser and change agent for leading global network operators, OEMs, and infrastructure players. We operate in small teams with deep telecom industry experience and an owner mindset, delivering effective solutions and measurable results that hit the bottom line.

For decades, the telecom industry has operated in a state of tension, shaped by intense competition and technological disruption. Digitization and the exponential growth of data transmission volumes have fueled competition and widespread expansion of infrastructure and services such as 5G, fiber optics, and IoT. But technology has also shifted value away from the telco segment into digital-native players, disrupting traditional monetization models. Supply chain constraints, legacy operating systems, and capital drainage are also exerting pressure on telco players. 
Our strategic Lean, Mean, Green Telcoapproach focuses on deploying sustainable transformations and optimizing cost, revenue, and cash flow to drive value. We offer tailored solutions that help telco leaders:  

  • Embrace "lean" operations, streamlining and simplifying product offerings, processes, systems, and infrastructure. 

  • Adopt a "mean," win-now approach to M&A, growth, and expansion. 

  • Deploy "green," ESG-forward levers that boost energy efficiency, such as network modernization, cloudification, and AI. 

How we can help

Sustainable Performance Improvement

We deliver sustainable value creation through end-to-end transformation and simplification of products, processes, systems, and org structures. Our team works across the telecom ecosystem with fixed and wireless operators, digital infrastructure providers such as FiberCos, TowerCos, and data centers, unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) providers, and networking equipment OEMs to help transform legacy operating systems and create a lean, digital-first operation that functions at a fraction of current costs. 

  • Digital-first operations 
  • Organizational improvement 
  • Cost/Margin improvement 
  • Legacy IT & Network Retirement 
  • Supply chain & procurement  
  • ESG-forward operations 

Capex Effectiveness & Roll-out ROI 

We understand the capital-intensive nature of network roll-outs and have deep experience in helping clients maximize CAPEX efficiency and ROI through network redesign/modernization, inventory optimization, and effective roll-out planning & deployment (e.g., vendor management and work order system). Examples of value delivered include 30% reduced roll-out costs and end-to-end transparency across the entire deployment structure. 

  • Demand-supply interlock 
  • Strategic planning & trade-offs 
  • Fiber rollout effectiveness 
  • Asset monetization 

Turnaround & Restructuring

As the leading global provider of turnaround and restructuring services, we combine deep telco industry experience with our comprehensive suite of restructuring services – from urgent performance improvement to complex restructuring, from risk mitigation to accelerated transformation. We ensure disruption, the nature of the business, and operating model are at the forefront of mission-critical telco projects to support companies, management teams, their boards, and financial stakeholders “when it really matters.” 

  • Liquidity & cash flow management 
  • Business & contingency planning 
  • Restructuring & interim management 
  • Lender advisory 

Revenue Generation for B2B & B2C 

We believe telcos have a right to win as the owners of ubiquitous digital infrastructure. However, pricing pressures and rising competition in new markets require new go-to-market structures to succeed. Swift time-to-market and shifting towards a customer-centric, digital-first approach is crucial. 

  • Go-to-market approach 
  • Hyper-segmentation & digital targeting 
  • Parametric pricing & discounting 
  • Churn Management 
  • B2B sales force effectiveness & partner management 

Deal Cycle Support

We have assisted various players across the telco ecosystem – serving as buyers/consolidators, those positioned to sell, and their lenders and suppliers. Regardless of buy or sell side, our teams have deep experience in supporting all stages of dealmaking, from divestiture preparation, planning, & execution to identifying potential buyers, value creation plans, maximizing transaction value, and optimizing remaining business segments post-close. 

  • Deal generation 
  • Pre-sign due diligence  
  • Pre-close planning & post-merger integration 
  • Divestiture prep & planning 
  • Full potential program 
  • Maximize exit value 
  • Regulatory planning & support 
  • Merger defense (e.g., antitrust) 

Data, Compliance & Risk

Our services are designed to work together to support businesses at any point in their life cycle—from adjusting to macroeconomic headwinds or preparing for a robust valuation defense to minimizing risk using our technological toolkits and advisory frameworks. 

  • Litigation Support 
  • Data analytics & eDiscovery 
  • Forensic accounting 
  • Data privacy & compliance 
  • Cybersecurity

Case studies