Antitrust breaches have led to some of the highest-stakes litigation for damages in US and EU corporate history. Our experts have extensive testifying experience in the US and the UK (which has become the main hub of antitrust litigation in Europe) and distinctively we bring experience from both sides of the ‘v’.

Our antitrust economists sit in a wider commercial disputes practice and work with our experts in forensic accounting, valuation, and eDiscovery to cover all aspects of antitrust damages analysis. We also draw on AlixPartners’ deep bench of industry experts who give valuable insights into the real-world economics of different levels of the supply chain, allowing us to ensure that our damages assessment is rooted in facts of the industry.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are perfectly suited to addressing the key challenges in antitrust damages cases. Some antitrust cases need both an economic assessment of the likely competitive landscape in the counterfactual and ultimately the valuation of the excluded business in that counterfactual to compare to the real-world valuation. Our business valuation experts are instrumental in such cases. Other damages cases require sophisticated economic and statistical analysis to compute likely overcharges, and may also benefit from forensic accounting expertise, to address matters such as pass-on―a central issue in many jurisdictions.

Antitrust breaches often also involve class action claims to recoup damages on behalf of consumers and indirect purchasers. We are involved in some of the highest profile antitrust class actions in both the US and the UK.

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