A $3.5 billion global Fortune 500 consumer products (CP) company was facing unprecedented demand for its products ahead of the holiday season, rapidly elevated by the disruptive forces of COVID-19. The company struggled to meet this unanticipated growth in demand.

Soon, customer fill rates had deteriorated due to poor visibility of global supply, limited supply chain capabilities, and inaccurate data. 

Our experienced team launched a supply-assurance “war room” to immediately address inventory and production concerns. They also developed a system to drive strategic supply decisions that were key to rebalancing supply and demand through the holiday season.

The client ran a war room to address inventory and production concerns.

Once the sales teams had accurate information, they could confidently make commitments to customers and restore trust in the company brand. As a bonus, they were now better positioned to drive new distribution and raise prices to capture the increased demand.

In addition to our work on their supply and sales issues, our team also helped launch their company diversity & inclusion (D&I) efforts. Our internal head of D&I connected with the client's chief human capital officer to share AlixPartners’ path and accomplishments in D&I and engage in thought partnership as the company established their own D&I priorities. 

With supply under better management, the client was able to launch D&I efforts. The engagement meted operational and cultural change, with significant bottom-line results.
SKU safety stock levels evaluated and adjusted
revenue uplift
"In conjunction with sales & ops planning and supply initiatives, AlixPartners helped turn an expected $25 million Q4 revenue shortfall into a $35 million revenue uplift.”
—Head of Global End-to-End Supply Chain

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