Crisis can mean different things. Growth may have stalled, or your firm might be growing so fast it’s starved of oxygen.


Whatever the situation, we build a client’s reality, situation, goals and aspirations into the solution, implementing transformative strategies that have, to date, boosted client shareholder value by a margin of 150 points against peer benchmarks.

For us, every engagement gets a clean-sheet approach. We work from the bottom-up to assess the art of the possible, rather than working top-town to hit benchmarked reductions. Our team is made up of CFOs, CIOs, and CHROs who have lived through the stresses facing companies in a disruptive market and who know how to diagnose and solve complex organizational challenges.

We help clients build a managerial structure around a resource pool, and we’re not afraid to pull aggressive levers. Using our proprietary Rapid G&A Diagnostic and Organizational Health Diagnostic tools, we assess your firm, craft a strategy, and deliver dollars to the bottom line while preserving the parts of the company that define its future.

How we can help

Operating Model Transformation

  • Rapid Operating Model Diagnostic
  • Target Operating Model Redesign
  • Scale-for-Growth Operating Model Redesign
  • Lean Corporate

Business & Functional Transformation

  • Outside-in and Rapid Org Efficiency Diagnostic
  • Whole Company Transformations
  • Workforce and Process Reorganization & Optimization
  • Clean Sheet or Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Global Business Services or Shared Services
  • Outsourcing, Offshoring and Nearshoring

Leadership & Talent Transformation

  • Organizational Health Diagnostic
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Succession Planning
  • Change Management and Communication
  • Leadership Development

Diagnostic Capabilities

Organizational Health Diagnostic

The Organizational Health Diagnostic pinpoints the organizational issues, from the perspective of key stakeholders, that drive value creation and accelerate sustainable growth, focusing on leadership, culture, and talent.

Why now: The magnitude and frequency of disruption has impacted the employee population more than ever before. The resulting confusion and anxiety impacts the success of strategic transformations and organizational change efforts. To make a transformation stick, organizations must give their people certainty, drive engagement and enable alignment.

Key differentiators: Our expert practitioners have, real-world, senior leadership experience and deep understanding of how leadership, talent and culture drive sustainable transformations and growth.

Rapid G&A Diagnostic 

The Rapid G&A Diagnostic is a standardized, data-driven organizational diagnostic designed to identify hotspots and drivers of organizational efficiency and effectiveness opportunities--within 5 to 10 days.

Why now: Many businesses are struggling to operationalize change in an uncertain market e.g., cost pressures, M&A, carve outs, restructuring, digital transformations. Leaders don’t have time for a deep and exhaustive analysis of every aspect of their G&A functions.

Key differentiators: Our approach delivers expert-vetted insight in an accelerated timeframe. Our experts have deep, functional expertise and deliver results, at speed, through data and understanding the organizational context.

Case studies