The NFL was growing as an international brand thanks to increased distribution of live games on local cable networks and streaming platforms, however pandemic slowdowns created a need to reexamine league costs and assess how the league office was positioned to support this growth.

AlixPartners worked with the commissioner’s office to drive $50 million of G&A savings by right-sizing mature and non-core departments and redundant functions. A new organizational model was developed so the league could redeploy the savings to parts of the organization that were needed to maintain and support future growth.

A clean conversion

Additionally, we conducted a Top Supplier process that drove over $21 million of cost savings from incumbent suppliers in highly visible areas like event management for the Superbowl and London international games, plus IT, media and marketing. We also provided a point of view on strategic options for revenue and operational improvement within the league’s owned and operated media portfolio.

Overall, our work drove $70+ million of benefits across multiple facets of the business, leveraging our RHTL experts in operations, organizational transformation and procurement.



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